Parties & Private Game Room

The Rook OTR can host your regular game meetup, a special occasion, business lunch or Holiday party! Depending on the size of your group we can provide reserved game tables, a private game room or our entire game hall that fits up to 100 guests!  Our private game room (themed "Clue") sits 15' above Vine Street and overlooks the OTR district.  

Request Reservation

Party reservations require a minimum of 12 guests.  Our private Clue room and Fireside room have separate minimums.  Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance.  

*The photos on this page are stock photos.  Photos of The Rook will be provided shortly!*

The Setup

Reserve a group of tables, a private game room or our entire game hall for your group!

 Private Game Parties:

The Game Hall: Sits up to 110 guests.  Reserve our entire 2nd floor for large events! Requires a reservation of at least 75 guests (Availability varies)

Clue Room: Sits up to 30 guests. One large 25' game table. Overlooks Vine Street. Requires a reservation of at least 24 guests

Fireside Room: Sits up to 18 guests. Chandelier Lit with a two sided fireplace. Requires a reservation of at least 15 guests

Non-Private Game Parties: Game Tables can be reserved for any sized group that doesn't require a private area.  A minimum of 12 guests is required for game table reservations. 


The Object

We're going to make this party as easy for you as we can!  Request your reservation online and our event planner will reach out to you to collect any additional information needed. You'll receive a confirmation email prior to your event. Here's what we do for you:

  • Set you up with a server and a game host who can recommend or teach games
  • Have games that your group would enjoy ready for you
  • Reserve you a space for 2.5 hours
  • Soft drinks included at no additional cost
  • And of course...Unlimited Games at no cost!

The House Rules




Our House rule is that the games are free to play, just eat and drink while you play! This allows us to keep our library up to date. A reservation will have an agreed upon group price or per person price. This minimum is dependent upon your group size, date of event and time of event.