Prior to play the contraption is assembled. A spinner at the base of the contraption directs the action of players at they attempt to collect small plastic colored hoops of varying values from the end of a plastic chute, using a unicyclist. The unicyclist moves around a circular ‘trapeze’ wire by manipulating the angle of the circle using handles which are attached to the device. The plastic chute in which the hoops are placed is located at the top of the contraption; gravity replaces captured hoops at the chute opening. Hoops are worth 10 (red), 50 (black) or 100 (blue) points, depending on the diameter of the hoop hole.

There are two settings on the contraption – ‘EASY’ and ‘HARD’. Players have the opportunity to acquire opponents’ hoops during the game if they manage to get the unicyclist to collect hoops when on the ‘HARD’ setting. Hoops equal to the value collected by the player on that turn are taken from opponents in any combination.

If either hoops or the unicyclist fall from the contraption during a player’s turn, they are penalized.

When all hoops have been collected from the chute by the unicyclist, scores are tallied and the player with the highest score is the winner.