Cincinnati Board Game Parlor

1115 Vine Street


Galentines Day

Tickets are going quickly for our first annual Galentines Day event! We have partnered with Super Heroines to put on this fundraising event meant to celebrate the best day of the year...Galentines Day!

Full Restaurant and Bar!

Our menu has been exceeding expectations since we opened. We have a variety of classic game night snacks and quality food including our short-rib burger, house crafted pizza rolls, double stuffed tater tots and our Farm-A-Geddon black bean burger!


Trivia at The Rook !

Join us the third Wednesday of Every Month (except in January) for themed Trivia. Themes include Game of Thrones, Sports, Super Hero, Harry Potter and more!


PathFinder Society !

Join us the first and third Monday of each month for our Pathfinder society meet-up.  This is an open event for players of all skill levels.  


12 Rotating Beers and over 15 bottles/cans!



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Take a look inside The Rook

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Some questions we should probably answer:

  • What's a board game parlor? 
    • Well there's not many of them so we're kind of setting tone.  In our minds a board game parlor is a place you can have the perfect game nights.  Our goal is to have the food you want, the drink you want and the game you want!  We have over 800 games, a full menu of shareable entrees and bites as well as a full bar with 12 beers on tap, 5 wines by glass or bottle and of course some specialty cocktails. 
  • How does it work?
    • Well that's up to you.  Our first floor is open seating whether you want to play Jenga or Munchkin at the Bar or grab a table and let a server take care of you.  We also have a HUGE second floor which we call our "game hall".  Our game hall is open at nights and weekends and is for groups that need some elbow room for their game.  
  • Reservations?
    • We are not currently taking reservations.  If you have a group of 12 or more and would like to reserve a space  or a private game room outside of Friday and Saturday nights you can request a reservation on our "Private Game Rooms" page.  
  • What does it cost and how long can we stay? 
    • We would like to keep our game library FREE!  We ask that you support this by having food/beverage in front of you while you enjoy the games and the space.  If a food item or drink is not purchased after a reasonable amount of time (usually about a 1/2 hour) we may ask you to pay a $5 library charge in order to continue providing an up to date and complete game selection
  • Can I bring in my own game? 
    • We currently do not allow guests to bring in their own games because it makes it difficult to inventory games throughout the night.  If you reserve a group of 12+ you may bring in your own games. 
  • Why can't I access all the pages on your website? 
    • We are still finalizing some aspects of the business such as our specialty cocktails and the upcoming events/tournaments.  Thanks for your patience and check back soon!